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Upright this card speaks of maternal instinct, abundance and making the most of what you have. In this position, it speaks of learning to honor your health on all levels (physical/mental/emotional) and making yourself a top priority.

Empress often comes up for positive news about fertility and pregnancy as well, but it goes without saying, do not rely on Tarot to determine this!


This is a card of simple abundance, maternal instinct, and creativity. It sometimes represents pregnancy/fertility, but in this position means one who is ” pregnant ” with ideas and inspirations that you should express. This card reminds us of the importance of getting back to basics when we feel a bit tired or stretched too thin.

Also, be sure you are balancing your time effectively between others and yourself. Your natural instincts are to care for everyone around you, but you need to make sure that as you do you aren’t sacrificing your own needs. Doing so leads to anxiety, stress, and even exhaustion over time.


Empress depicts a generous personality, kind, compassionate, and usually drawn to nature and simple abundance. This card can also indicate parenthood/fertility. It can be literal but is often symbolic of being ” fertile ” with creative energy and ideas.

This card celebrates not only having what one wants but wanting and using creatively what you have. In doing so, you learn to live life creatively and nothing brings greater joy.

Empress people embody a strong protective nature and long to feel needed by others. Creative, emotional, and often very sensitive souls are represented by her. You likely feel your soul is called to serve others or to care for the Earth.

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