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email tarot reading techniquesI would like to discuss the process of doing an email Tarot reading, how it works and my methods for ensuring a client has a valuable, rewarding experience.

A lot of people wonder just how does an email Tarot reading work?  While every reader has their own method, I’ve spent many years developing mine and I can tell you, even after 27+ years, some of my methods are very much the same.

Connecting With a Clients Energy

When I receive an email reading request I want to ensure that I give my client as much attention and connection as I would face to face.  Once I have the request in my email I read any questions or information that my client may provide.  For example, in a relationship tarot spread the client will give me the first name of the other person and the type of relationship it is family, friendship, romantic etc.

I spend a couple of minutes before I do the reading focusing on the energy of the client.  Every emotion, thought and feeling you have leaves an energy signature, like a “psychic fingerprint” and as an intuitive; I can pick up that vibe from you when I do your reading.  Once I have connected with this energy I then focus on my personal mantra, which is an acronym that I’ll explain.

The Tarot Reading Method

In the background, I enjoy listening to Binaural beats or trance like music through my headphones which cancels out all other material world “noise” and helps me stay in a semi-trance like connected state free from distractions.  I often light a candle, but I have a curious cat, so to be honest, not always :), but the intent is still there.  I pull the deck I am drawn to from my deck drawer, take a couple of minutes to cleanse energy and shuffle the deck and then I start the actual reading.

I choose at all times to be very open and honest with my clients.  While I want to keep things positive and empowering, I also do not sugarcoat or say only what I think you want to hear.  I strive for both honesty and compassion. It is not my place to judge you or anyone else.  So, I work consciously to set aside any personal opinions etc and focus only on you, your situation and your needs.

My method for focus is the acronym TWILIGHT. The twilight portion of the day is that beautiful time between dark and light where all potential for a new day lies.  It reminds me that change and flow are constants and renewal is something every person can strive to embrace in life each day.  Each letter in the word also has significance

  • Trust
  • Wisdom
  • Insight
  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Guidance
  • Highest Good
  • Truth

Using this anagram and focusing on my clients energy allows me to get into the spiritual flow of a reading.  After that I pull my clients cards.  For specific spreads, the position meaning is placed over the meaning of your card.  As I go through the reading, I am quite messy in my typing and such lol.  I go back afterwords to clean it up and then I send it off.

My Personal Ethics and Goals of an Email Reading

I want every client I have to feel comfortable that I am not judging them, that I am both honest and empathetic, and that I truly want what is for their highest good to come through the cards.  I also believe in being thorough and detailed.  Not only do I share card meanings, but if I see a lot of secondary influences (a lot of reversals, a saturation of a particular number or suit etc) I also explain and share those in detail.

I do not do software generated readings.  Not only is this method not personal, it is a generic way to give answers that don’t hold much personal meaning. Software doesn’t cover the nuances that a personal reading with cards can.  I will ALWAYS do all my readings with love and my own two hands.  While technology is wonderful, human beings are still better at some things.

So, yes, you may wait several days for an answer from me.  So far, most of my clients have never had a problem with that.  Why? Because quality and dedication take time and are worth waiting for.  🙂

So, thanks for reading and allowing me to share my technique with you.  If you have any questions about my reading style or comments feel free to leave them below.  If you’d like to look at my readings and price ranges be sure to visit my email readings page.



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