free three card tarot reading eight of cupsThe Eight of Cups


A period of high stress or emotional challenges that may be taking a toll on your physical health. The Eight of Cups depicts the physical effects of stress or anxiety like fatigue or feelings of heaviness. Also, this card can indicate walking away from something that may seem difficult at first but ultimately leads to improved health.

An example would be someone with lung problems giving up cigarettes to prevent further complications. At this time, you may discover that you need to give up something; the sacrifice of a habit or pattern that’s difficult to release at first, but will be to your ultimate benefit.


This card represents both hopes and fears; hope for a more promising future, and fear of more challenges based on the past disappointments you are moving away from. This card reminds you that change is inevitable, but it also serves as a reminder that you control your own destiny.

Although there are some elements of struggle or sadness with this card; it does indicate the ability to transcend difficulties by taking chances and following through with decisions.

Now is a time where you may be feeling a bit discouraged and you should work to consciously change your outlook. Focus on the progress you have made and that will help restore your incentive to keep moving forward.


In this card we see the man walking away from the past. This indicates changes are a definite and that sometimes it takes an initial sacrifice to bring us to better opportunities.

The eight of cups tarot card symbolizes fears of leaving the past behind or the comfort of what was previously established.

There is also the recognition that without these changes; growth isn’t possible. This is a time for rebuilding faith in yourself by showing courage and moving in positive new directions.

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