eight of pentacles tarot cardTarot Wisdom | The Eight of Pentacles (Coins)

The Eight of Pentacles shows a young man working diligently at his craft. Rewards and abundance flow after a period of hard work. This man is following his passion, doing what he loves and also making a living. This card reminds us to take the time to do what we are passionate about. This card speaks of the value of goals, persistence, dedication, and discipline. It also speaks of overcoming obstacles and living one’s dreams through passion and determination.

Position 1: Background | Present Concern

This is a time for positive change, hard work pays off in many ways. A period of growth and transformation after great effort.

Position 2: Your Drive and Motivations

Recognition that hard work is its own reward. Your work is bringing you closer and closer to your goals. Keep motivated and remain diligent.

Position 3: What’s Blocking You – Fears and Subconscious

Worry that your plans will fail, feeling pressured to perform, doubting yourself or your plans for the future. This can cause you to lose your stamina and incentive where your most important goals are concerned.

Position 4: Perspective and Further Awareness – What you Need to See Clearly

Know that after diligent effort – not struggle, rewards will be gained. Often we feel the need to struggle against the natural flow of Universal order or to impose our will on situations. This card is a reminder to stay focused on goals, but to allow the higher to lead.  Use your energy to work with the current, instead of pushing against the flow and you will soon see how much you are gaining.

Position 5: Course of Action

Stay focused on your goals that are aligned with the highest good. Continue to be diligent in your efforts. Don’t allow fears to cause you to lose your incentive.  If you are repeatedly coming up against obstacles; it may be that you are not pursuing the best goal for you.

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