Daily Tarot Reflections Two of Cups

Daily Tarot Reflections Two of Cups

In this card, we see the man and woman exchanging ideas and sharing the chalices which represent collected wisdom/knowledge. The symbol above represents higher wisdom and healing pouring itself down and becoming available to them when they work in the spirit of cooperation and trust.

The man and woman in this card are symbolic of not only our relationships with others but in maintaining balance within: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health all of these things that seem to be opposing are actually intimately connected.  Work life balance is another great example.

Communication, unity and sharing resources are the primary themes of this card.

Today, take the time to communicate clearly and really listen to what others have to say. You will find that cooperation now benefits you later. This card also reminds us that everyone we meet is our teacher.  You can benefit from every interaction you have.

Work today to make your surroundings more harmonious also, sometimes just the act of straightening or reorganizing brings a sense of harmony and balance to the home/work which allows ideas and creative energy to flow more freely.


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