How to Cleanse & Balance the Chakras

Cleansing and balancing the chakra system is important to the overall health of the individual. Below is an example of a meditation practice that can be used for this purpose.

There are several different methods that can be used to cleanse and balance each of the chakras, the important thing is to find what works and feels comfortable to you. The one below is a simple exercise, it can be done in a few minutes. Practiced each day it will leave the individual feeling more energetic and focused.

The following is a technique that can be used and modified to suit your own needs. Start off by sitting in a chair or standing somewhere comfortable with your feet flat on the ground/floor.

Take a few deep but slow cleansing breaths. The idea isn’t to gasp for air, nor is it to breathe unnaturally, but to get the blood deeply oxygenated. Breath is a natural healing mechanism, and many of us in the west will find that we breathe in a very shallow manner which starves our bodies and brain of oxygen.

Breathe in at a slow steady pace and feel the oxygen enter your body, continue the slow steady inhale until the breath has expanded the chest and abdomen, hold as long as is comfortable, and then release and do the exhale at the same slow relaxed pace, blowing through the lips as though you were blowing out a candle.

After three of these breaths release tension and relax more deeply. Take a few comfortable normal breaths as you do this. Once you are comfortable and ready to continue, close your eyes and envision a golden white ball of light above the head. This is the holy light, representing the connection between yourself and the Divine.

This ball of light sits a few feet above the top of the head and begins to expand and stream down. As you allow the light to flow, (don’t force or pull it etc) relax even deeper knowing you are safe and at peace. Be fully present with this light, and as the light descends down upon the crown of your head take another deep breath in as we did in the beginning.

As you breathe in say in your mind I allow the light to heal, cleanse and balance. On the exhale I release all that is not for my highest good. Relax and allow the light to move down to the third eye (between the eyebrows) when it is ready, then repeat the breath and mantra on both the inhale and the exhale.

Continue this process slowly and let it flow naturally all the way down your chakra system until it reaches the soles of the feet. When it has reached the soles of the feet, envision a ball of energy from in the Earth rising up slowly into the soles of your feet. Allow this energy to carry away any residual energies that need to be cleansed and take them back into the Earth for reprocessing/healing.

As you continue to relax say a prayer or make an offer of gratitude. Take a few moments to sincerely reflect on all of your life’s blessings and to show appreciation to Spirit for all the abundance that is housed within you. The important thing to remember is that you are a channel allowing these powerful energies to flow through you.

You don’t have to have any special talent or abilities to benefit from this healing as “you” are not doing it, but allowing The Universe/Spirit/God to do this through you. It is an exercise of “allowing”

Another variation others enjoy, is to do this meditation while in the shower. As you feel the water washing over you, you can envision your energy field also being cleansed and balanced. As the water goes down the drain, it carries away all negativity and extra energy.
For grounding and healing also participate in activities that put you in direct contact with the Earth, walk barefoot in the grass, sit with your back against a tree, plant a garden, (this is healing to your Earth mother as well) anything that puts you in contact with nature is deeply rejuvenating and healing.


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