What Are the Differences Between Astrology and Tarot?

Differences between Astrology and tarotDo you know the differences between astrology and tarot?

Most people think astrology and tarot are similar, but there are some major differences between the two.

First of all, we will look at astrology.


What is Astrology?

Astrology is a form of prediction (or forecast) based upon celestial bodies outside of planet earth.  There is a famous saying in astrology “as above, so below”, meaning that human behaviour and events are believed to be linked with the motion of these heavenly bodies.

Astrology has evolved throughout the years.  When it began centuries ago, astrologers would only take into account the motion of the sun.  The position of the sun in the sky throughout the year would have provided clues on the best times to sow crops.  Astrologers would then start linking the motion of the sun to people’s personalities, based upon the time of year they were born.  Another obvious celestial body that ancient astrologers would focus on is the moon, believing it is linked with people’s emotions.  Even today, some people believe you will notice more trouble on a night out when there is a full moon.  As astrology evolved throughout the years, other celestial bodies were then taken into account, such as the planets, and even asteroids.


Astrologers interpret the motion of the sun, moon, and planets by drawing up a circular chart, known as a horoscope.  These charts are created using mathematics, plotting each position of the sun, moon, and planets with precision.  For example, when an astrologer is interested in knowing someone’s personality traits, they would draw up the horoscope chart at the time of someone’s birth using their date of birth, location of birth and time of birth.  This type of horoscope chart is commonly referred to as a natal (or birth) chart.  You can Download Your FREE Astrology Reading from JKS Astrology.

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient art and belief that the spirit world can influence objects, therefore creating a form of communication between the tarot reader and afterlife.  Every tarot reader uses a pack of playing cards, usually containing 78 individual cards.  And just like a playing card deck, they have numbers, names, and suits for each card. You can get your FREE Tarot Reading right here.

Differences between Astrology and Tarot

There are many tarot card decks available, but all have one thing in common.  They all have symbolic images on every card.  The purpose of tarot is to answer a customer’s question or give them insight into a situation.  The tarot reader will select some unknown cards at random, laying them out in a particular sequence.  Then the cards will be interpreted by the tarot reader, getting meaning from the symbolic images on the cards.  Now, one might say how on earth such a method could tell someone’s future.  It can if you believe the spirit world wanted to reveal certain cards to the reader, and also wanted them to interpret the cards in a particular way! This is the basis of tarot.  Even if you are not a believer, you will still be fascinated to know what they will say!

What are the Main Differences Between Astrology and Tarot?

Below is a summary of the main differences between astrology and tarot.

  • Astrology is not based on the spirit world (afterlife), but rather on the positions of the sun, moon, and planets. Astrologers try to improve the accuracy of readings by collecting statistical data on how certain planetary positions may affect human behaviour or events.
  • Tarot tries to gain insightful information about an individual or event by using the spirit world. As it is believed the spirit world can influence objects or even the thoughts of the tarot reader.
  • Astrology requires accurate astrological data in order to construct horoscopes, which are used to interpret individuals or events. This involves the use of databases (with celestial positions) and software to generate accurate horoscope charts.
  • Tarot only requires a special playing card deck, known as a tarot deck.
  • Both methods give insight into an individual’s past, present or future situation. Or can even help determine an individual’s personality traits.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article about the differences between Astrology and Tarot. Let us know in the comments below!

The Author

This is a guest post on behalf of Jamie, founder of JKS Astrology.

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What are angel oracle card readings and how do they work?

  • These fascinating and comforting readings create a connection to the angels and spirit guides who are always watching over us. Even though most people are not aware of it we are always surrounded by beings from the angelic realm who love and care for us. Angel cards allow your reader to connect with your personal guides and angels, and use their knowledge and wisdom to answer your burning questions or provide insight into a personal situation.
Angel Card Reading
Examples of angel oracle cards
  • Angel card readings are always positive, and the guidance you receive is given to help you live your best possible life. Some readers use their psychic skills to communicate directly with your guides and angels, but may use special Angel Oracle cards too.
  • Angel cards each feature a unique image and message. The image may be of an archangel, cherub or any other character from that realm – and each has their own specific message to convey. Your reader will interpret the meaning of each Angel card you choose based on the picture and text, alongside the messages spirit are passing on to him or her.

Getting ready for an Angel reading

Before your Angel card reading begins it’s important to feel calm and relaxed. If you meditate that will help create the right feeling, or you could simply breathe deeply, enjoy some quiet time, and empty your mind. Readers using Angel cards generally ask you to focus on the question or issue that is on your mind and to hold it there while choosing the cards for your reading.

You don’t need to have a special question – it’s fine to just ask for general guidance about something that’s on your mind, like work, or romance. You will be rewarded with insights which should help you understand things more deeply and inspiring solutions which will give you peace of mind.

If you have a burning question to ask don’t expect a definite yes or no answer, because Angel cards don’t work that way. Instead, you will receive answers which will help you reach the right decision.


Who is an angel card reading suitable for?

Of course anyone can have an Angel oracle card reading, but those who get the most benefit:

  • Are looking for guidance to help them make a decision, or ideas on how to solve a problem
  • Are open minded
  • Believe in the concept of guardian angels and spirit guides
  • Are willing to take responsibility for shaping their future
  • Will seriously consider the advice the angels pass on
  • Are not looking for a fortune telling experience

What will an angel card reading tell me?

An Angel oracle card reading will reveal ideas on the path to take to achieve the goal you are seeing. Your guides in the angelic realm and the cards you choose convey messages which will encourage you to make decisions, and help you understand the best way forward.

You may be surprised by how much an Angel card reading reflects your current life, or even be shocked by messages about things you have not shared with anyone else.

Angelic guidance is always positive and empowering – as Angel card readers believe the future is yours to change as you will. For many people the advice and messages received support what they already felt inside, providing a confidence boost when it comes to making decisions or choosing a pathway.

How can I guarantee an accurate angel card reading online?

Having an online Angel card reading is a special moment, a fantastic chance to get advice and information on a situation in your life that you need angelic help with, so it’s important you can trust what you are told in your session. If your reading is not accurate then it’s kind of pointless, but by choosing a reputable online Angel tarot card reading site you can be confident that everything you are told is honest, sincere and meaningful.

Rather than waste your time and money choose a site like Kasamba , where around 30 experienced Angel card readers with positive feedback are available for an online consultation. They include Tabitha, a talented psychic with various skills, including reading tarot cards, runes and the crystal ball, as well as Angel cards. Tabitha specializes in the area of love and relationships.


Or you could go for Aaron, who boasts 5 stars from over 1500 ratings, and offers insights into all aspects of your life using a combination of his natural psychic talents and the Angel cards. While Amethyst at PsychicSource is a third generation medium with 40+ years experience. She uses all her senses alongside the Angel cards to make your reading extra special and meaningful.

Reading types: different ways to enjoy an Angel card reading

Sometimes it’s nice to talk to an Angel card reader in real time, either by video chat or over the telephone, and most readers offer this type of service. However, if you are more comfortable communicating by email, SMS or text those options are also generally available from a good range of card readers. These also have a massive plus point – you get a written record of your Angel card reading to read and re-read as many times as you like!

Are Angel card readings and tarot card readings the same?

The fast and simple answer is no! They are both forms of divination, but tarot card readings often look at the importance of numbers, include predictions, and details of specific events, people, places or timings, and are often read in ‘spreads’, with the cards telling a story as a whole.

Angel card readings are quite different as the responses your reader shares are generated directly from the topics or concerns on your mind that you need help with, channeled through your personal guides and angels. Some tarot readers also connect with those from the spirit world during readings, usually when the messages received reinforce or explain the cards.

You may come across readers offering Angel tarot cards, which sit somewhere between the two. While mainstream Angel cards are named after realms, heavens, and cherubs, or carry a simple one world message, Angel tarot cards are organized into sections like traditional tarot; so you can expect to see the four suits and the main characters like The Fool, although the images will still be of lovely angels.

How much does an Angel card reading cost?

The costs of an Angel card reading vary between sites. You may see free online readings offered sometimes, but those are more for fun than anything – as an accurate reading relies on a connection between you, the cards and the person reading them.

Standard Angel card readings from reputable and trustworthy sites cost on average somewhere between $2 – 15 a minute, but most also offer excellent introductory offers, as well as discount packages and free minutes with a reader to establish if you have a good connection. For example, if you hop over to the Keen website there’s a special offer of a 10-minute reading for just $1.99, while new AskNow clients can enjoy 30 minutes for $30 plus get 5 free Elite minutes on top.


Where can I find an accurate Angel card reading?

Don’t waste your time with fakes and fraudsters, head straight for a recommended site such as Oranum instead, and be confident that your Angel Oracle card reader will be genuine, talented and insightful. Oranum is a great site for anyone new to Angel card online readings as you can browse through lists of specialists in certain topics, like love, or finances, or choose someone you feel drawn to from the live psychic page. It’s free to join and you get 9.99 credit as a sign-up reward.

Another great site to check out is PsychicSource, where you can choose a sign-up bonus of either 10 minutes for $10, 20 for $20, or 30 for $30 – all three packages come with a bonus three minutes.

Anyone can claim they are a talented Angel card reader and charge you hard cash for sharing nonsense and tall tales – but choosing an established website with reviews and testimonials avoids any heartache.


Pros and cons of Angel card readings

Chances are you are already gearing up to take advantage of one of the fantastic special offers on trustworthy Angel card readings out there, and that’s a very sound decision. But wait a moment! Before you sign up for anything have a quick look at the pros and cons, so you are sure an Angel card reading is what you are looking for:


  • Angel card readings are always positive
  • They can easily be done online
  • Angel cards provide guidance to help you make choices and decisions
  • They are not scary or spooky
  • Angel card readings bring comfort to lots of people
  • You can ask the angels general or specific questions
  • Angel card readings relay guidance directly from both angels and deceased loved ones
  • Angel cards work on the key idea that your future is not set in stone


  • Angel card readings do not predict the future
  • Readers may claim to have great skills but be fakes
  • Angel card readings rely on personal interpretation so messages may seem irrelevant
  • If you want hard factual information and direction Angel cards are not for you

Perhaps the one aspect of Angel card readings which worries some people is that the
messages they receive make little sense. Presuming your reading is with a reputable and recommended reader on a trusted site the chances are your guides and angels are not wrong.

Make notes on everything you are told, whether it strikes a chord or not – and over time you will most likely find that things start to fit together like a jigsaw. Sometimes our angel guides and guardians share something we are not able to face or admit, or the missing connection is not clear at the time of the reading.


Are you ready to have your Angel card reading?

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Horoscope Tarot Reading

Horoscope Tarot readings, also known as ‘Tarot Scopes’ are a fun way to experience a tarot reading, and there are so many topics that can be used to do a horoscope tarot reading that you’ll never get bored.  

Do you want to what sort of holidays are most suited to your star sign this year, perhaps you want to find out what your astrological strengths and weaknesses are so that you can enhance and fortify?  Or, maybe you want to know what’s in the air for you or your partner romantically so that you can make sure you plan that city break just at the perfect time? All of this is possible with a horoscope tarot.  

Want an Accurate Personal Horoscope Tarot Reading?

Get Your Live Personal Horoscope Reading from a Psychic Expert at one of our recommended sites below!

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  4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

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What is a Horoscope Tarot Reading?

A horoscope tarot reading, also known as a ‘tarotscope’ is an exciting way to combine both the tarot and your astrological sign into an insightful tarot reading that is based on the energy of your star sign.  

Instead of being focused on a particular reader, a horoscope tarot is focused on a specific star sign instead, and can be read for any situation.  Even though the ‘target reader’ is generalised into astrological signs, the horoscope tarot reading can be very focused onto a specific topic (for example; daily cancer astrological tarot reading for careers), or very general (such as; annual astrological tarot reader for cancer) and each type of horoscope tarot will have its different benefits.

For example;  

A Career Horoscope Tarot Reading for Capricorns

Is intended for Capricorns and will highlight the everyday challenges, experiences, and highlights that occur in the workplace for a Capricorn in general, and that stand the test of time.  

A Monthly Career Horoscope Tarot Reading For Capricorns for August 2018

Is still aimed at Capricorns but will focus on the energy, highs, lows and challenges that a Capricorn will face during August in 2018

A monthly horoscope tarot reading for Capricorn

Will focus on the energy, influences and challenges that a Capricorn will experience in general during a specific month regardless of whether they are at work, home, on holiday, or staying in bed all month!

Typical Types of Horoscope Tarot Readings

Daily Horoscope Tarot

A general reading focused on bringing you the details about what your star sign has in store for you today.

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Readings

A general reading that will give you the lowdown on your star sign energy for the week.

Monthly Horoscope Tarot

Just the same as a weekly or daily horoscope tarot reading but with the lowdown on the month, to give you plenty of time to prepare!

Annual Horoscope Tarot

An excellent tarot reading (similar to the daily, weekly and monthly horoscope tarot) to enjoy at the beginning of the year or on your birthday – a perfect annual  ritual which will set you up for the year.

Career Horoscope Tarot

Find out what challenges are always going to present for you at work and also what you secret weapons are.  A career horoscope is a must if you want to stay on top of the game in your career.

Career Horoscope Tarot for Year/month/week/day

What’s going to influence your career during the year, month, week or day (depending on what timeframe you choose)?  This is a great way to figure out how your work week or day is going to pan out and what to be alert to.

Holiday Horoscope Tarot

The holiday horoscope tarot reading is a fun way to see what qualities a location must have for you to enjoy maximum enjoyment according to your star sign.  

Relationship Style Horoscope Tarot

What energies are suited to you?  What type of partner will you enjoy spending time with and what aspects of you will they enjoy, or that you should try to manage?  You’ll learn all of that in a relationship style horoscope tarot.

Additional But Slightly Unusual Horoscope Tarot Idea’s


  • Personal Development Horoscope Tarot
  • How To Have Fun Horoscope Tarot
  • Career Style Horoscope Tarot
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Horoscope Tarot
  • Money and Wealth Horoscope Tarot


Why Are Horoscope Tarot’s Different?

The horoscope tarot as you can see has a lot of potential for a variety of different tarot reading themes, as well as spread types.  

They are useful because sometimes when we have a tarot reading, we become aware of what is influencing us and perhaps what we need to do about the situation, but we don’t always know why we are being affected.  And if a situation is our fault or responsibility or if it’s down to energy that is raining down on us, that even though is bringing us lessons that we can learn to navigate individually and as a collective so that we can master them with as little ‘down time’ as possible.  

For example, Nick might have a reading that tells him that there is going to be some conflict at work and he’ll need to be careful about what he says because it might create longterm problems for him.  So Nick thinks he’s on his own and tries to handle this himself and when he experiences conflict, he might think it’s his fault.

Whereas if Nick had had an astrological reading, he might realise that this is a phase that all Cancerians face and since Nick is a Cancerian he needs to be mindful of this influence.  But he’ll also be able to recognise other Cancerians who might be going through the same and understand the influence of the energy from a broader perspective. He also won’t think he’s alone in dealing with whatever he is dealing with.  

There’s a great sense of comradery that can occur when more than one person is also experiencing the same thing which is great for connection, wellbeing and networking.  And if you are concerned about a specific aspect of your astrological reading you always have the choice of calling a professional tarot reader or asking your reader to give you more information on how a certain influence they mention affect your life individually.

Who is a Horoscope Tarot Reading For.

A Horoscope tarot is great for anybody.  Some of the more specific tarotscopes such as a holiday horoscope tarot, a strengths and weaknesses horoscope tarot might need to be requested from a professional tarot reader, but others can often be found free online and all will have a section that relates to each of the twelve astrological star signs.  

Where Can You Get A Horoscope Tarot Reading

Free Online

There are plenty of free general (and sometimes brief horoscope tarot’s online).  

DIY Readings

It’s also possible to do your own horoscope tarot reading, all you need to do, is choose your topic (there are plenty of ideas above), select your preferred tarot spread, and make sure you have a pack of cards and the booklet that explains how to translate the cards.  

Professional Tarot Reading

Simply call your favourite tarot reader and ask them for an astrological reading based on whatever topic you choose and they will probably be delighted to accommodate you.

What You Can Expect From Your Astrological Tarot Reading

Find out what astrological influences are about to start raging in your life and how you can get them under control.  

Learn how you can take advantage of the astrological energy around you and harness it for your benefit.  Tip! Get an annual astrological reading or an astrological reading one month in advance, and you’ll have time to plan your schedule to make the most of the useful energy.  

For example;  If you want an astrological tarot reading for September, book it in August.

Where To Find the Best Readers Online

All good tarot readers will be able to provide you with a fantastic astrological reading, ‘our picks’ are sites that we know test and qualify their readers so that you don’t have to worry about that.  Plus they have the best readers!

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99



The Pros and Cons Of Getting An Astrological Tarot Reading Today


  • Fun and less intense than a regular tarot reading.
  • Give you the opportunity to take advantage of positive energy.
  • Helps you to minimise or avoid negative energy.  
  • Plenty of options for different topics.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings



  • The information will not be personal but generalised to you astrological star sign.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists.


Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!


How many times we wish that we could talk to our angels, and ask the solutions to our problems? Somehow, the concept of connecting to an Angel suits us better. It gives us direct messages from our angels rather than through other divination methods like astrology, numerology etc. Astrology and Numerology,  seem to work on planets or principles of numbers. Angel Messages on the other hand are a direct way of communication with your guiding or guardian angel. There are many ways to connect to an Angel, through Angel Oracle Cards, or through a Medium to get Angel Messages and or by using Angel Numbers.

Each one of us has a guardian Angel, who protects us and guides us through our destiny. The only problem is, we don’t know how to connect with them. With Angel Messages, now we know there is a way to connect with them.

In Hurry to get a Psychic Angel Message Reading? Here is a quick way to get one:-

1. Go to our verified Psychic site, Oranum.com

2. Sign-up and select your psychic.

3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.

4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

Impressed? Give us your feedback in the comments at the bottom of the page! 


An Angel Message Reading is a psychic reading where a Psychic Connects with your Angel to give you Readings. These Readings are like a personal connection between you and your angel, and these readings are an indication of that connection. These Angel Message Readings are very personal and discuss your Personal Life, Love Life, Relationship issues, energy disturbance around you, decision dilemma, etc. In short, it is a complete guidance from Angels to you, through the Universal Language of love and care.


Table of Contents
  9. FAQ



Angels are there with each and every one of us, guiding and driving us through our destiny. Whenever our angels felt a need to give us a direct message, they tried to connect with us.

With time, we humans have lost the psychic abilities to connect with our angels and thus, we need a psychic to connect with our angels to read their messages for us.

These messages from our Angels are interpreted by a psychic who connects directly to our angels, or through Divination methods like using Angel Oracle Cards. The messages in both cases are received through symbols and images, which a Psychic interprets for you. These Angel Messages deals with various aspects of your life, like Love prospects, Relationship Issues, Finances, Spiritual Guidance, Decision Making, etc.  When in doubt in general, these Angel Messages will show you the way.


You may opt for an Angel Message Reading for almost any issue of your life. Angels are your Guiding lights, and hence always shows you the way out of Darkness. A simple rule is : Whenever you are in doubt, go for an Angel Message Reading. Still just to summarize, you may go for an Angel Message Reading for:-

  • Love Prospects
  • Relationship Issues
  • Marriage and Children
  • Finance and Investments
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Life Path
  • Business Prospects


If you are looking for a Free Angel Message Reading, then you are in luck. Few of the websites that we reviewed here offer free Angel Message Readings. You may browse through them, register yourself on their websites, and ask for a free Angel Message Readings from the available Psychics.

You need to browse through the list of psychics on these websites, as we have selected the best websites offering Angel Message Readings for you. The number of Genuine Accurate Psychics is very high on these websites. Search each one of them, their abilities, reviews, and their offers. Rest assured whoever you choose from our reviewed websites, you will get the best Angel Message Reading experience.


The Psychic Angel Message Reading will cost you somewhere $1.99 to $50 per minute. But wait, there is some good news. Few websites may give you a ten minute reading for as low as $1.99, after your first three minute of free reading. Such an offer gives you more time to discuss your problems and doubt with your psychic. Don’t miss these offers, and opt for them now on the recommended websites.

There is another option to go for Angel Oracle Card Reading from few Psychics on the reviewed websites. These readings are also amazing and magical in terms of their power of symbols and detailed interpretation. Thus, it is up to you to select the Divination method or the Oracle Card method to connect with your Angel through a Psychic online.


An Angel Message Reading session is an open ended session, wherein you may ask any of your questions or doubts. As a general recommendation, during an Angel Message Reading Session, first let the psychic read the message for you, and let him connect the message with your present life situation. Then you may ask him your questions.

The questions you may ask
  1. How will be my love life?
  2. Should I go for this relationship? Is this the right person for me?
  3. Should I go for this business?
  4. Why I am suffering? When should I expect relief from my present situation?
  5. How will be my spiritual Journey ahead?

These are only indicative questions, you are free to ask any question, and word it according to your needs.


Whenever we search something on Google, chances are that an advertisement about an Angel Message Reader will pop-up. But can we trust them? The internet is full of fake psychics, and we just cannot trust those pop-up advertisements blindly. Thus, here we are giving you an unbiased review of few websites and their offerings to save your time.


It is one of the oldest websites offering psychic services, with experienced psychics in almost all areas like numerology, tarot, love readings, Angel Messages, Angel Oracle cards etc.

The best part is, Kasamba is one the most reviewed websites with more than 3 million 5 Star ratings by its verified clients on the internet. It gives you a first 3 minute free reading with each psychic to let you know the abilities and also to be comfortable with your psychic, without actually paying!

The payments are secured over SSL connection and has no fixed subscription or fixed session charges. This gives you freedom to choose your own budget based on psychic fees per minute, minus first 3 minute reading. The website maintains a private and strictly confidential environment for reading, wherein you may opt for readings through Phone, Chat or even Email.

The user data is kept confidential and even anonymous aliases are allowed for clients. True to its name and legacy, Kasamba provides a true user experience and verified services. Over and above all these benefits it provides a money-back guarantee to keep the trust of the client as its first priority.

Special Offer:- Recently the website has launched first 3 minute free along with 50% off on psychic fees per minute. This is the best time to Call and chat with the best psychics for half of their previous fees. This way you can access even those psychics who were above your budget for a reading. Try this offer for an amazing reading!


Keen is also in the business of psychic readings for almost 19 years now. It boasts the largest group of verified psychics which provide readings from almost all available psychic domain like, Tarot, numerology, and even Vedic Astrology also. Apart from first 3 minute free readings, it provides its clients with free access to its Daily Horoscopes and Blog, to understand the level of commitment and knowledge of its psychics.

Keen is transparent in its payment, and does not go for debiting your card after first free 3 minutes. After first 3 minutes of free reading it seeks your authorization to deduct or to log out of the session if not satisfied. This shows their commitment towards customer care. Their psychics are rated by their clients through an anonymous rating system and these ratings are visible on the psychic cards in community. Thus, the ratings are true and verified by the system.

Keen also provides readings in other languages such as Spanish. The only drawback of this website is that it needs a client to register on their website first, before a reading. Though the registration process is quick and can be done in few minutes only.

Special Offer: Currently Keen is providing 10 Minutes reading in only $1.99, which is after first 3 minute free readings. So effectively a client is getting 13 minutes reading in just $1.99, which is a steal deal. Many of its psychics have reduced their fees to become a part of this ongoing offer. Hurry up to grab this deal!!!!


Oranum is the first universal psychic website, with its psychics coming from almost all countries around the world with their abilities and knowledge deep rooted in ancient civilizations and their traditions. It has more than 250 psychics on board, providing 24 X 7 video chats with clients. The Readings can be taken from any area of divination, like live tarot cards session, oracle cards, medium, psychics, astrologers etc. It gives you free 9.99 Credits on registration and you may use them to chat for 10 Minutes with a 0.99 Credit/Minute psychic, or 5 Minutes with a 1.99 Credits/Minute psychic, or 3 Minutes with an 2.99 Credit/Minute psychic. Hence, it provides more than 3 free minutes based on your selection of Psychic. All readings are through Video Chats only.

Special offers – The present offer of free 9.99 credits that can be redeemed for as long as a 10 minute session with a psychic is one of the best offer online. It almost gives you a free reading. There is typically no reason that one should not go for Oranum.


Beacon truth is the youngest member of the psychic community, but like a new generation it has come up with some novel concepts of pre-vetted psychics. All its psychics were interviewed, their readings vetted and verified, before taking them as psychic on board. Hence, once you select a psychic from Beacon Truth, rest assured that he or she is verified by a stringent process.

Special offers – New customers can avail the first three minutes free. The website often runs weekend specials as they work to build their clientele. Beacon Truth offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Psychic Source

If there is any legendary website in community of Psychic Websites, then Psychic Source is one and only one such name. It started its services late back in 1989, with a legacy of over 29 years now, it is the oldest psychic network. It comes with its own legacy, thus offers you more than 322 psychics on board, with experience ranging from 1 year to 35 years in their area of divination. It provides readings by all three means of Phone, Chat or Video chats, enabling access to its clients from any platform they are comfortable with. Psychic Source stresses the compassionate and caring nature of their readers, and their Kindness Initiative gives portions of their proceeds to communities in need.

Special offers – Psychic Source has a great offer for new customers, with the first three minutes free and $1 per minute up to 30 minutes. Many of its psychics have reduced their fees to offer you this advantage of taking their reading for as low as $1 per minute. No one should miss this opportunity from such a legendary website.


  • Direct message from your Guardian Angel
  • Focus on important issues of life at Hand
  • Based on principle of Universal Love
  • Clarifies many issues of current life and help you to make important life decisions
  • Chose from Angel Message Reading through a medium or an Angel Oracle Card Reading.
  • Perfect for love, career, finance and other decisions
  • Trusted by many persons world-wide, and practiced for thousands of years.
  • The readings can be totally fake if not from a trusted website with trusted psychics and reviews.
  • Take some time to connect the message from Angels with your present life situations.
  • Sometimes they can be used as a cheating device by fake psychics to offer free readings and then ask for more money


Who can seek an Angel Message Reading?
Every Person has a Guarding angel, and hence, each one of us can take an Angel Message Reading.
Why we need a Psychic Reading?
Angels gives messages through symbols and Image, and hence, we need a psychic to decode those images and symbols for us.
How many types of Angel Readings are there?
Angel Message Readings are given by a medium by connecting with your Angel directly, or by a psychic through Angel Oracle Card or other methods of Divination.
Angel Message Readings can be taken for what aspects of Life?
These Angel Message Readings are perfect for Love Prospects, Relationship issues, finances, Life path, and Spiritual Guidance that we required in our life.
Why we should opt for the reviewed or recommended websites?
There are many fake websites out there on internet, thus, one should always goes for the reviewed websites, which has a longer presence on internet with millions of satisfied clients.

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Your Guardian Angel interacts with you in many ways and gives you messages. One such way is to see repetitive numbers in our day-to-day life. 1 out of every 5 US citizens will agree to have seen repetitive numbers in their day-to-day life, while crossing a street, in a mobile number, as a part of house address, as time in their watch or mobile phone. Is it just a coincidence? What are these numbers? How do we decode them? What do our angels wish to tell us with these numbers?

These repetitive numbers like 11:11, or 888, or 4:44 etc. are known as Angel Numbers, and these are specific numbers to give you signals about your destiny, but we are ignorant about them or  we don’t know how to decode them.

We need a psychic to read these numbers for us, and to decode them. But how do you find a genuine, honest and accurate Angel Number Reading online?

Want some Quick Tips?

1. Go to our verified Psychic site, Kasamba.com

2. Sign-up and select your psychic.

3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.

4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

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How nice it would be, if we could just interact directly with our Angels to know what destiny lies ahead for us. Fortunately, there is a way – Angel Number Reading. It is a unique message for you, which is conveyed by the Universe to you through your Angels using numbers. An experienced psychic will read those Angel Numbers for you by decoding it for you, and provide you with required guidance to master your destiny.

These numbers indicate your present time period, its hidden meaning, what to expect, and what lies ahead for you. Angel Numbers are seen as repetitive numbers like 11:11, 4:44, 22:22, 888 etc. in our day-to-day life through various means.

We can see these numbers in any address, running texts, display on digital displays, street signs, time on watch or mobile etc. These repetitive numbers have a deep meaning for us. So whenever you start seeing a number again and again, immediately get in touch with an Angel Number Reader or Psychic online to get them decoded for you. This will be your window to receive your Angel Number Reading and message.

Table of Contents




Angel Numbers when decoded during a reading will give you information about your present opportunities, relationships, love, fortune, acceptance, and Karmic Debts. This is like a guidance to balance your Karmas, and to accept with gratitude the gifts of the Universe to you. An Angel Number Reading is like a cheat-sheet for your present day problems and questions, in an easy yet powerful way of acceptance and gratitude. It tells you about:

      • What kind of person you are?
      • How your present Mood and persona is?
      • What opportunities lie ahead for you in the near future?
      • What are your challenges and how to overcome them?
      • Your support structure and relationship.
      • Caution for the present situation.
      • Decision making process through the Angel Number and Messages.

Most of these Angel Number Readings are through Email but few sites also provide direct chat with their Psychics through Phone or Video Chat payable per minute basis, which will give you more freedom to interact and ask live questions. Reading through Chat option is much more detailed and will clarify more of your questions and doubts. Direct Chat also gives you trust that you are interacting with a Human and not with a machine who copies the same content to you in email.


The trusted website that we suggested in this article offers Free Angel Readings, or First 3 Minutes free readings for their registered users. A new user is advised to visit these websites, get himself or herself registered, search for Psychics Online and their individual offers, and then opt for Free offers to get their first reading free. Isn’t it simple? So what are you waiting for?


The Psychic Reading will cost you somewhere between $1.99 to $50 per minute. But wait, there is some good news. Few of the websites, the ones which we recommended have some psychics which will give you 10 minutes readings for as low as $1.99, along with first 3 minute of free readings. Such an offer gives you more time and less cost to discuss your readings. Don’t miss these offers, and search for them now on these recommended websites. These offers enhance the trust-worthiness of these websites, to let the clients try their services for low fees.


There are many fake psychic readers and their websites. These psychics claim themselves to be the best, and still fail to give the correct readings to their clients. To solve this problem, here, we give you five most trusted websites world-wide for their Psychic Angel Readings.



If you are looking for a trusted psychic website which offers you complete peace of mind, 100% satisfaction, and money back guarantee then look no further and go for Kasamba. It is one of the most reviewed websites, with more than 3 million positive feedback and 5 star reviews by its clients. Kasamba has carved its name in the field of psychic readings, Tarot readings, Angel Messages, Numerology, and other fields of Divination.

I agree that a particular website is good, but how do I trust a psychic on board? Good question! To solve this problem, it is recommended that you should take first 3 minutes free with every psychic whom you are considering for your session.This will give you an opportunity to know more about them, their competence and be comfortable with them. Still not satisfied,  then take their welcome offer of 50% off with their best psychic fees. Even after this, if you feel that you are not satisfied, then write them a mail within 3 days and get your money back. Isn’t it wonderful?

It has no fixed subscription or fixed session charges to take your money before giving you a reading. Rather Kasamba gives you complete freedom to design your own reading by incorporating first 3 free minutes offer along with 50% off offer and then decide the length of your readings based on your budget.

Special Offer:- If you check their website now they have launched a new offer of first 3 minutes free along with 50% off on psychic fees per minute. This is the best time to call and chat with their best psychics for half of their previous fees. Try this offer for an amazing reading!!


Like Kasamba, Keen is also one of the well-known names in the field of online psychic service. It has more than 19 years of experience behind its name, and offers the widest range of psychic services ranging from psychic readings, mediums, Tarot, numerology, even Vedic Astrology also. Apart from first 3 minutes free readings, it also provides its clients with free access to its Daily Horoscopes and Blog, to understand the level of commitment and knowledge of its psychics.

The first 3 minutes free is with almost all websites, but what about the payment security? Keen has an answer, even after first 3 free minutes, it doesn’t allow the auto-debit of your card. Rather, it prompts to seek authorization to deduct the fees for the ongoing session, or give you an option to close the session and log-out without any deductions or debit. Thus, it is safe and transparent way of continuing a session.

Keen also offers services of a few psychic readers who speak Spanish language. Thus, giving an option to native Spanish speakers to take readings.

Keen relies on verified client ratings for its psychics, thus, all its readings are through a process of registration only. A new client has to register him or herself before taking a reading to ensure proper verification of ratings, and also to get benefits from freebies of  the website like a daily horoscope.

Special Offer: Currently Keen is providing 10 Minutes reading for only $1.99, which is after a first 3 minute free reading. This is really a good deal for anyone who wants to go for the best psychic services with a low budget. Many of the Keen psychics have reduced their fees to become a part of this ongoing offer. Hurry up to grab this deal!



Oranum is in true sense a Global Psychic Website, as its psychics come from different parts of the world with their unique ability of divination. With more than 250 psychics on board, it gives you a wide choice of readings as well as experienced psychics. It has operations in many countries of the world, and hence you may easily find a native speaker of your language. It works on a Credit system and gives you 9.99 free credits on your registration. These credits are can then be used to chat for 10 Minutes with a 0.99 Credit/Minute psychic, or 5 Minutes with 1.99 Credits/Minute psychic, or 3 Minutes with 2.99 Credit/Minute psychic. Hence, it provides more than 3 free minutes based on your selection of Psychic. All readings are through Video Chats only.

Special offers – Oranum provides one of the best offers, with 9.99 credits which can be converted into a 10 minutes long reading. Thus, effectively, it is giving you a first free reading of 10 minutes or less!!


A new entrant always comes with new ideas, and has to cross a high entry barrier. This is quite true for Beacon Truth as a new entrant in the already established online psychic community. It has already carved its name in its offering of personally vetted psychics. Each of its psychics are personally interviewed by their board, before offering his or her services to their clients. The readings are through Call only, but even here they have a best practice of offering scheduled appointments with your favorite psychics even if they are offline. So you do not have to compromise with your choice, and if you need a specific psychic who is not available at the moment, write them a mail to schedule an appointment for no extra cost.

 Special offers – The first 3 minutes are free, and the fees of many of its psychics are on discount. Keep checking their websites for many such ongoing discounts.

Psychic Source

Without any doubt, Psychic Source is the oldest name in Psychic Services. It is in operation since 1989, with a legacy of more than 29 years. Most of the well-known names are associated with Psychic Source, along with 322 other psychics on board. It surely has the widest range of psychics, with experience and expertise. The readings can be taken through Phone, Chat, or Video Chat, enabling access to its clients from any platform that they are comfortable with.

Special offers – Recently the website has launched its readings for as low as $1 per minute, which is the lowest online rate for a psychic reading. The first 3 minutes are still free, so overall the cost of Psychic reading is really low on this website. Many of its psychics have reduced their fees to offer you this advantage of taking their reading for as low as $1 per minute. No one should miss this opportunity from such a legendary website.


A person usually takes an an Angel Number reading only when one sees them regularly in their day-to-day life. Thus, the initiation for such a reading lies with the experience of the client, and hence more genuine and trust-worthy. If one does not see any number in particular then one must go for Angel Message Readings on these websites, and take their Angel Messages. These readings are very interesting, as they focus on your immediate future and you may instantly relate with them. A good psychic always points out to you, your present scenario and situations. The interaction is very friendly, and guidance you receive through an Angel Reading goes a long way.


These readings focus on immediate future and thus acts as a guidance tool for our day-to-day situations:  love, relationships and our opportunities. One can take as many readings as required based on his or her needs. The psychics are very friendly and act as a medium between you and your angel, their advice can be taken on regular basis to accept our Universal Destiny, and to act according to the universal law under the protection of Angels.



      • These Readings are for immediate Future and not for long-term planning.
      • These are good for Love and Relationship Readings.
      • It tells you exactly your present day scenario and how to win over it.
      • It is trustworthy, as it initiates with you seeing the Universal Numbers.
      • The Client verifies the details along with the readings to cross-verify the Psychic abilities.


      • It cannot be used for Long-term Planning.
      • It needs to be initiated by the client when he or she sees the angel numbers; else one can go for Angel Message Readings.

Interesting Facts
      1. Angel Numbers are repetitive numbers on sees on day-to-day basis through different mediums.
      2. These Numbers are known as Angel Numbers and have deep meanings.
      3. These are encoded messages by the Universe to you.
      4. We need a psychic to decode these numbers and to guide us through our present and immediate future situation.
      5. These Readings can be taken through Email, but better option is to go for telephonic or Video Chat with the Psychic.
      6. The Readings will costs between $3 to $50, few psychic gives first 3 minutes free readings, and some also gives ten minute readings for as low as $1.99.

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