Tarot Reflections The Five of Cups

tarot inspirations the five of cups

tarot inspirations the five of cupsFive’s in Tarot tend to signify inner struggles, restlessness, feeling a sense of urgency to resolve something. When these cards come up it reminds us that it is important not to cast those feelings aside until they build up into anxiety or feelings of depression or being lost.

The 5 cards are kind of an emotional caution signal, telling us to get in touch with our true needs and work to meet them. Five’s can also come calling when we are bored or unfulfilled on our path. Boredom often mimics the symptoms of depression.

“But, I’m always busy” I can hear you proclaim ;), but busy doesn’t necessarily mean not bored. When five’s come up it says to be very honest with yourself. Take some time to untangle those emotions/thoughts and look at your situation more objectively.

Are you maybe staying busy with too many mundane things to avoid facing something? Perhaps you would benefit from better time management or organization so that you can free up some time to do something you find fulfilling.

The Five of Cups

This card has a sad appearance. In this card, the man is standing by the river looking very dejected and tired at the three cups spilled in front of him. He’s so caught up in these emotions of loss and defeat that he is unable to turn around and see what is right behind him.

Behind him, just a bit down the path lie 2 full cups and of course, the entire river. This card reminds us that sometimes when our mind is full of all we “think” we want or need, or when we become stuck in regrets over the past, it makes us unable to turn around and see the opportunities that lie before us.

We have a choice, we can remain stuck in the past or we can choose to make the most of new opportunities. If you feel held back by something; this card reminds you to make a conscious decision for a fresh start. An open mind leads to many pleasant surprises and opportunities that can’t be found if we don’t turn to look for them.


Tarot Reflections The Ace of Cups

I love today’s card :). Ace’s speak of change and new cycles of destiny – like the seasons these “phases” all sort of blend into one another and an Ace means the start of a new season. This particular Ace – the Ace of Cups features all manners of abundance and blessings. It is filled with opportunity and reminds us of the importance of seeking inner peace during times of transition.

The Ace of Cups is a symbol of great joy and abundant creative energy.  In this card we see the flow of water from heaven into the cup as it spills over. The message is one of Divine inspiration, spiritual fortitude, creative energy all flowing in abundance into your life should you choose to look for them.

This card reminds you that it is always a good day to say “thank you” for all the blessings you have received, thereby opening the door for more to flow in.

Get inspired today! Be creative in all your ventures, and be willing to try something new. When this card shows up for spiritual guidance it suggests a period of happy surprises and discovery as things will flow well.

This card is also a reminder that it is better to not struggle with “what should I do?” and rather just go with the flow and allow Spirit to guide your actions in times of doubt or confusion. When you still the mind; creative new solutions have room to appear and inspire you.