Tarot Reflections Seven of Pentacles

tarot reflections seven of pentacles

Tarot Reflections Seven of Pentacles

tarot reflections seven of pentaclesIn this card, the man stands looking down, feeling dejected and disappointed. Next to him are six coins that represent all of those things he was told would bring happiness.  He becomes so caught up in these ideas of what he thought should provide happiness, comfort, etc that he forgets or ignores the other coin that lies at his feet.

This forgotten coin represents choice and freedom. It reminds us that happiness and inner peace are choices and not future attainments dependent on outer world influences. It’s always right there “at your feet”.

The happiness provided by material goods is fleeting at best, leaving us looking for that next thing to fill the void. True happiness and contentment must be cultivated within and nurtured.  You should take the time to express yourself authentically and follow your true path.

We live in a society that continually bombards us with messages of “must have” “need” “not enough” etc. to get us to always chase the elusive dangling carrot of “enough” or “perfect”. It’s good for
business, but not so much for the psyche and human spirit. It’s no wonder that so many people feel a sense of emptiness or endless struggle.

If you’ve been feeling a bit blue, like something is missing; take some time today to do something that excites you.  Try a new skill or hobby, go on an adventure, make plans for your own business – whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, devote some time to it.

Tarot Reflections The Five of Pentacles

tarot reflections five of coins

five of pentacles tarot cardThe Five of Coins says to make good use of teamwork. Don’t try to go major projects alone or feel you have to take on more than you are capable of to make a good impression or avoid judgment.  Many people feel pressured in modern society to appear strong or perfect – and the result is many people who suffer from burn out because they are too busy trying to do everything and in the process get lost.

Not a great time for investments on a material level. This card also asks you to take inventory of all of your investments: relationships, monetary, time all of your various ‘investments” and really analyze them. Things often appear wonderful on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you may find that your time, money, and heart may be better invested elsewhere.  See lesson above – if you are devoting too much energy and feeling a sense of hardship or starvation – it’s time to reassess and reinvest.

Better choices will be made by being willing to work within the structure of a group format. Progress may be stalled or even stopped by failure to work out mutual agreements.

This card also depicts feelings of isolation or alienation that sometimes come up. Look for others of like mind or similar situations that can help you or are on the other side of a challenge you are facing. Also, be on the look out for opportunities to lend a hand to others who may need you to help them get back on their feet.