Horoscope Tarot Reading

Horoscope Tarot readings, also known as ‘Tarot Scopes’ are a fun way to experience a tarot reading, and there are so many topics that can be used to do a horoscope tarot reading that you’ll never get bored.  

Do you want to what sort of holidays are most suited to your star sign this year, perhaps you want to find out what your astrological strengths and weaknesses are so that you can enhance and fortify?  Or, maybe you want to know what’s in the air for you or your partner romantically so that you can make sure you plan that city break just at the perfect time? All of this is possible with a horoscope tarot.  

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What is a Horoscope Tarot Reading?

A horoscope tarot reading, also known as a ‘tarotscope’ is an exciting way to combine both the tarot and your astrological sign into an insightful tarot reading that is based on the energy of your star sign.  

Instead of being focused on a particular reader, a horoscope tarot is focused on a specific star sign instead, and can be read for any situation.  Even though the ‘target reader’ is generalised into astrological signs, the horoscope tarot reading can be very focused onto a specific topic (for example; daily cancer astrological tarot reading for careers), or very general (such as; annual astrological tarot reader for cancer) and each type of horoscope tarot will have its different benefits.

For example;  

A Career Horoscope Tarot Reading for Capricorns

Is intended for Capricorns and will highlight the everyday challenges, experiences, and highlights that occur in the workplace for a Capricorn in general, and that stand the test of time.  

A Monthly Career Horoscope Tarot Reading For Capricorns for August 2018

Is still aimed at Capricorns but will focus on the energy, highs, lows and challenges that a Capricorn will face during August in 2018

A monthly horoscope tarot reading for Capricorn

Will focus on the energy, influences and challenges that a Capricorn will experience in general during a specific month regardless of whether they are at work, home, on holiday, or staying in bed all month!

Typical Types of Horoscope Tarot Readings

Daily Horoscope Tarot

A general reading focused on bringing you the details about what your star sign has in store for you today.

Weekly Horoscope Tarot Readings

A general reading that will give you the lowdown on your star sign energy for the week.

Monthly Horoscope Tarot

Just the same as a weekly or daily horoscope tarot reading but with the lowdown on the month, to give you plenty of time to prepare!

Annual Horoscope Tarot

An excellent tarot reading (similar to the daily, weekly and monthly horoscope tarot) to enjoy at the beginning of the year or on your birthday – a perfect annual  ritual which will set you up for the year.

Career Horoscope Tarot

Find out what challenges are always going to present for you at work and also what you secret weapons are.  A career horoscope is a must if you want to stay on top of the game in your career.

Career Horoscope Tarot for Year/month/week/day

What’s going to influence your career during the year, month, week or day (depending on what timeframe you choose)?  This is a great way to figure out how your work week or day is going to pan out and what to be alert to.

Holiday Horoscope Tarot

The holiday horoscope tarot reading is a fun way to see what qualities a location must have for you to enjoy maximum enjoyment according to your star sign.  

Relationship Style Horoscope Tarot

What energies are suited to you?  What type of partner will you enjoy spending time with and what aspects of you will they enjoy, or that you should try to manage?  You’ll learn all of that in a relationship style horoscope tarot.

Additional But Slightly Unusual Horoscope Tarot Idea’s


  • Personal Development Horoscope Tarot
  • How To Have Fun Horoscope Tarot
  • Career Style Horoscope Tarot
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Horoscope Tarot
  • Money and Wealth Horoscope Tarot


Why Are Horoscope Tarot’s Different?

The horoscope tarot as you can see has a lot of potential for a variety of different tarot reading themes, as well as spread types.  

They are useful because sometimes when we have a tarot reading, we become aware of what is influencing us and perhaps what we need to do about the situation, but we don’t always know why we are being affected.  And if a situation is our fault or responsibility or if it’s down to energy that is raining down on us, that even though is bringing us lessons that we can learn to navigate individually and as a collective so that we can master them with as little ‘down time’ as possible.  

For example, Nick might have a reading that tells him that there is going to be some conflict at work and he’ll need to be careful about what he says because it might create longterm problems for him.  So Nick thinks he’s on his own and tries to handle this himself and when he experiences conflict, he might think it’s his fault.

Whereas if Nick had had an astrological reading, he might realise that this is a phase that all Cancerians face and since Nick is a Cancerian he needs to be mindful of this influence.  But he’ll also be able to recognise other Cancerians who might be going through the same and understand the influence of the energy from a broader perspective. He also won’t think he’s alone in dealing with whatever he is dealing with.  

There’s a great sense of comradery that can occur when more than one person is also experiencing the same thing which is great for connection, wellbeing and networking.  And if you are concerned about a specific aspect of your astrological reading you always have the choice of calling a professional tarot reader or asking your reader to give you more information on how a certain influence they mention affect your life individually.

Who is a Horoscope Tarot Reading For.

A Horoscope tarot is great for anybody.  Some of the more specific tarotscopes such as a holiday horoscope tarot, a strengths and weaknesses horoscope tarot might need to be requested from a professional tarot reader, but others can often be found free online and all will have a section that relates to each of the twelve astrological star signs.  

Where Can You Get A Horoscope Tarot Reading

Free Online

There are plenty of free general (and sometimes brief horoscope tarot’s online).  

DIY Readings

It’s also possible to do your own horoscope tarot reading, all you need to do, is choose your topic (there are plenty of ideas above), select your preferred tarot spread, and make sure you have a pack of cards and the booklet that explains how to translate the cards.  

Professional Tarot Reading

Simply call your favourite tarot reader and ask them for an astrological reading based on whatever topic you choose and they will probably be delighted to accommodate you.

What You Can Expect From Your Astrological Tarot Reading

Find out what astrological influences are about to start raging in your life and how you can get them under control.  

Learn how you can take advantage of the astrological energy around you and harness it for your benefit.  Tip! Get an annual astrological reading or an astrological reading one month in advance, and you’ll have time to plan your schedule to make the most of the useful energy.  

For example;  If you want an astrological tarot reading for September, book it in August.

Where To Find the Best Readers Online

All good tarot readers will be able to provide you with a fantastic astrological reading, ‘our picks’ are sites that we know test and qualify their readers so that you don’t have to worry about that.  Plus they have the best readers!

Here are our picks:

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The Pros and Cons Of Getting An Astrological Tarot Reading Today


  • Fun and less intense than a regular tarot reading.
  • Give you the opportunity to take advantage of positive energy.
  • Helps you to minimise or avoid negative energy.  
  • Plenty of options for different topics.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings



  • The information will not be personal but generalised to you astrological star sign.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • You do need to discern and seek out reputable readers to avoid impersonation and con artists.


Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

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