My name is Christin and I’m happy you’ve found your way here. I am a devoted wife and mom with two sons, one on his way to college and one in grade school.  Professionally, I work as a freelance writer, crafter and of course intuitive tarot reader.   I have read Tarot for nearly 30 years now, whew, that’s a long time :).

In 1997, and actually even earlier than that, I began to actively pursue a more spiritual path. Prior to that, I felt I was wandering without a higher sense of purpose. I had no real sense of direction or well defined goals, and often questioned the deeper meaning behind things.

I spent a lot of time doing what I “thought” I should be doing, or what I was told I should do, only to meet with disappointment and realize I was back at square one, feeling unfulfilled and uninspired.

During my early childhood I was part of a religious environment that condemned much of what I had experienced all my life. I had always had psychic/empathic abilities that were eventually conditioned out of me as I was chastised by one teacher for being “weird” and by others for my “excessive daydreaming” and “incredible imagination”.

Because of these early experiences, I began to question whether there was truly a loving God and if so, what was my connection with the Divine? I couldn’t accept the views of God as a distant “mean man” force to be reckoned with whom we constantly had to beg for mercy.

The lessons taught of the life of Jesus and his message certainly did not coincide with most of the fear-based teachings engaged in by my former church. I felt a sense of loss, because I loved the teacher and felt disdain the institution.

I was also drawn to question and to learn about other spiritual paths and faiths. I just never believed there was only one “right” path, particularly since I had never heard anyone proclaim from on high that theirs was the wrong one ;).

I also experienced a lot of loss early in life. I lost people I relied upon to cancer, another very young friend at the hands of a drunk driver, and yet another to a violent gun crime.

When I was 21, I also faced the loss of my first baby. I often felt the world to be cold and cruel, like there was noone “up there” who was listening or really cared all that much.

Somewhere in the darkest parts of my depression though; I always knew there was more than I was perceiving. At one point I was very tired spiritually and emotionally, and I sat down on my sofa, put my head in my hands and cried, with a weary heart that needed answers.

It was that day that I stumbled on the genuine art of meditation. It wasn’t about forcing myself to be quiet or trying to de-stress etc.  This time was different, it was an unselfish act of listening, of truly wanting to hear what Spirit had to say, not wanting to hear what I wanted to hear.

I wasn’t looking for some great “wizard in the sky” to comfort me or create miracles before my eyes. At that point, I was tired and empty, I only wanted to know “what gives?”.

The coming months brought many realizations and new found determination. I felt uplifted, my life was filled with a stronger sense of purpose and many “hidden truths”, aka Universal Laws, were revealed to me, because I was finally ready to not just wish for easy answers, but to do the hard work of self-actualization – even if that meant going against the grain, being uncomfortable and daring to be different.

As I learned to discover the worth of my own soul; I was shown that at the darkest moments of despair; I was being supported although I didn’t perceive it at the time. I had always felt that I was somehow lacking, so I focused all my attention on my perceived limitations.

I postponed joy, always believing happiness would “hit me” one day when I acquired this or that, or got this title or that promotion etc. From that day forward I have been embarking on an amazing journey that has been nothing short of miraculous.

I discovered tools to “take back” my life and to live it on my terms – and now I spend time showing others how to discover this ability for themselves.

All I needed I had within myself, just waiting for my discovery of it, and guess what? If you are here reading this, feeling a little lost or like you just aren’t quite sure “who” you are? … All of these wonderful things are within you too!

The Mission of Spiritual Guidance Tarot

Today, I take my love of Tarot and writing and use it to help instill and reinforce the higher truths that allow others to find their inner light and follow it.

I truly believe in the power of every individual to reach new heights in life. I also know that many feel they can’t. I believe that the Universal wisdom depicted in the Tarot can impart greater seeking and understanding, so I use this site as a means to break down those messages and share them with others.

Thanks again for dropping by and getting to know me. I hope you will enjoy your visit here and find something to benefit you.