2018 Tarot Reading Forecast

2018 Tarot Reading Forecast

2018 Tarot Reading

Wonder what surrounds you for the coming year? Get a personal, comprehensive 2018 Tarot prediction for only $17.50

Your 13 card 2018 Tarot Reading includes the energies that surround you for the year ahead and a card for each month.

I’ll share with you how all your cards influence each other, highlighting the strong energies to work with and also any potential challenges to prepare for.

*Free Bonus*  I’ll also include information on your personal year Tarot numerology for 2018.  All I need is your birthdate if you’d like to have this included.

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All readings are done by me personally – NEVER software generated. 

Limited availability.  I will only be offering this special through December 21st.

Ready to get a head start on 2018? Order your in-depth, personal forecast with free personal year numerology bonus now – only $17.50

Your Tarot Prediction Reading will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days.  I do all spreads with an actual deck of cards and my own two hands.  Quality takes time and I do these readings around my regular job – so your patience is appreciated :).

Did you know?

2018 reduces to a master number 11 in Numerology.  That means that the coming year, in general, is going to have a very strong energy.  Master number 11 brings many opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings on a cosmic level, but it also brings challenges as we work to overcome past lessons and mistakes as we simultaneously move towards more of our potential.

Globally, 11 Years are those of great discoveries and this is likely to be one for the record books.  This year will bring a clash of the old and new, there will be a lot of tension, but also an underlying sense of hope and progress.  Expect to see some great new technologies and advancements manifest in an 11 year!

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