Tarot Numerology Number Ten Meaning

Tarot card number 10 speaks of the end of a cycle of destiny, something that has come to its conclusion and now growth will occur from this point, or in a new direction entirely.

When a lot of ten’s appear it suggests the process where we settle up loose ends and make a conscious decision to leave the past behind and move forward.

It’s a time of reaping rewards for past efforts, but can also be a period of challenge for those who perhaps persisted on a destructive path or didn’t make necessary changes before.

In some manner, the rewards and/or consequences from before are manifesting now and the impacts are being felt.  It’s also a good time to plot your next move or consider areas where it may be best to move in a new direction from here on.

If what has been previously established has served you well, build on it from here.  If not, consider what changes may be necessary to get you back on track again.