Free Tarot Course The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Reflections The PriestessIn this card we see the woman poised between opposing sides of a situation, she sits with the book of wisdom in her lap, and the moon, which represents emotions, lies beneath her feet. She appears serene and detached, looking silently within for her answers.

Her intuition and keen sense of logic serve her well. You won’t pull the wool over this queen’s eyes. She reminds us of the importance of detaching from issues before making important decisions, the need to take careful, decisive action, rather than engage in reaction.

She doesn’t become cold or emotionless, but her emotions stay at her feet, which allows her to still be empathetic without becoming overwhelmed.

The Priestess is the card that represents the higher feminine energy. She symbolizes intuition, the subconscious, “hidden” knowledge/wisdom, the ability to connect directly to your “higher self”, the balance between polarities, and personal power.

Learn to trust your instincts/intuition to guide you through any stressful or uncertain moments. She is wonderfully symbolic of accessing that “still silent center” She reminds us that we are always in control of our lives through the choices we make. No matter what happens in the outer world, within us is a place of power and peace, where each of us can connect with divine guidance and gain more insight into the deeper meaning/lessons behind our circumstances.


Daily Tarot Reflections The Lovers

The Lovers card is a Major Arcana card that centers strongly around fulfillment and desires. This card warns us not to let our heart/emotions cloud our judgment! This is a good time to take inventory of your life and find out if you are truly going for your hearts desires, or are you stagnating? Are you settling for less than you deserve? or are you unsure of what will bring you fulfillment ultimately? Do you depend on others for happiness instead of seeking personal fulfillment?

Today’s card asks you to find your true passion, a cause or life path that really lights a fire in your soul. Seek this path out now, the time is right. You may just “stumble” across something unexpected that will start you on a whole new mission 🙂

The Lovers card also talks to us about unions, not only with our spouses or significant others but with ourselves… what can you do to be a better friend to yourself? Remember that soul mate staring
back in the mirror at you every morning, and see that your basic needs are being fulfilled. Those who are satisfied personally find it easier to draw stronger, healthy people into their circle and healthier relationships are formed.

The Lovers card also speaks of sensual pleasures, take a long walk in nature, a bubble bath, drink a nice blend of coffee or tea. Let your senses come alive and take some time to enjoy the beauty of your life and all the pleasures we take for granted in the seemingly smallest things. Spend some time being fully conscious and aware and your daily life will be richer and more meaningful.

Daily Tarot Reflections King of Wands

Daily Tarot Reflections King of Wands

King of Wands Tarot CardKing’s represent leadership and wise decisions. This King represents intelligence and creative thought. He is always planning and thinking about things. Wands represent the planning stage that happens before things are set in motion.

This particular King is particularly good at thinking/planning and organizing, however, the follow-through may be a bit lacking and that requires bringing others together in the spirit of cooperation to help make things happen.

Another theme to this card is to learn how to organize your thoughts and ideas (and maybe even your workspace/environment) in a workable manner. Clutter, whether internal in the form of racing thoughts, anxieties etc or external in non-functioning space, leads itself to chaotic energy and stifles the spirit.

Remember, no one can do everything all by themselves. It’s good to gain the assistance of others who support your ideas (provided they are ones that serve your highest good). This King provides leadership by drawing others together. He is able to plan well and bring ideas to inspire others.

Today, look for ways to encourage others and embrace the idea of “team work”. Seek a supportive environment in which to express yourself.

Also, if you find you’ve had difficulty concentrating or setting and maintaining goals, take some time to sort through any clutter that may be sabotaging your good intentions.

Daily Tarot Reflections Seven of Swords

tarot reflections the seven of swords

Seven of Swords Tarot Reflection

tarot reflections the seven of swordsThis card can indicate a happy surprise or previously unseen advantage. It also warns us to not “be sneaky”, and to watch for others who may have their own agenda.

It’s important to remember that we don’t have to manipulate or impose our will on the situation. Often it is better to wait for the right moment to move forward. Taking hasty action can undermine your efforts more than help. If you sit back sometimes the right answer has a way of “popping up” when it’s most needed.

Trying to force our will on a situation or another person typically backfires. If you feel a need to micromanage things at this time, explore it. Is there a hidden fear prompting questionable motives or behaviors?

This is a good card for reminding us that “what goes around comes around”. In that case, try being what you want to see more of. Are people around you being sneaky or engaging in less than desirable behaviors? Avoid the temptation to join in or retaliate. It only fuels the fire.

This is a card that reminds us that often our fears lead us to act against our better judgment or nature. Realize this tendency and you may prevent something you would later regret. Also, be careful who you share information with and how much.

Questions for Reflection

Have I been completely honest with myself and others about the situation?
In what ways have I gone against my better judgment and why?
Do I have trust issues I need to work out? Perhaps not being trusting enough or too open?

Daily Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Reflections Justice

Tarot Reflections Justice Tarot CardThis card reminds us that true justice is an act of mercy, not cruelty. Often we look at justice as “an eye for an eye” and not as an act of discipline. Discipline is not the same as punishment and it doesn’t enact revenge. This card reminds us that to reach our fullest potential, we must learn to become self-disciplined while releasing self-sabotaging habits like punishing or berating ourselves.

Often we try to live up to concepts or ideals that are impossible to attain. This leads to setting yourself up for certain failure. When this card comes up we are told to reflect on ways that we are unjust to ourselves. Time to stop exacting punishment and develop acceptance and compassion. Negativity is a repeating cycle that must be recognized, understood, and then broken.

Today be mindful of the demands you place on yourself. If you haven’t been disciplined enough lately; tighten the reigns a bit. Now is a good time set clear, decisive intentions and follow them up with inspired action. Direct your thoughts and deeds in healthy directions.

If you are facing decisions and feeling a bit confused; this card reminds you of the importance of level-headed choices not based solely on fear or passion, but considered judiciously and fairly – just like a judge in court.
If you can’t set aside emotions enough to be objective, own it and seek out a second objective opinion before making any rash decisions.

Questions for Reflection

  • Do you engage in self-sabotaging habits like negative self-talk?
    Do you accept things in others you would never accept in yourself?
    Do you have realistic expectations?