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Free 1 Card Tarot Reading

This simple spread is designed to answer a simple question: “What surrounds me?”. Your card will provide insight into the energies that are around you currently so you can make the most of them, or adjust your path accordingly.

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Free 3 Card Tarot Reading Body, Mind & Spirit

As multidimensional beings, all aspects of the self directly affect the others. This simple reading is designed to help you see the energies surrounding you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It provides a well-rounded perspective into Self: body, mind, and spirit.

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Free 5 Card Tarot Reading for Spiritual Guidance

The original free reading. This five-card spread answers deeply complex questions and gives you thorough insight into the deeper meaning behind your circumstances. Use it to gain wisdom and greater understanding.

This free tarot reading starts off with a background card which highlights the primary area of concern. The next card speaks about your motivation, what drives you. The 3rd card explores challenges that may be blocking you. The fourth card is a perspective card, highlighting what you need to be aware of at this time that will help you the most. Finally, the fifth card is a course of action card designed to show potential actions you can take to your benefit.

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This site offers free DIY Tarot readings and professional services.

What Are Fortune Teller Readings?

If you talk about the history of Tarot, it was discovered in Europe somewhere in the mid 15th century (as per google & classical texts.) and it is now one of the most popular divination techniques in the world. It looks like a deck of playing cards but is different and used for getting guidance with the help of different spreads.

Tarot is a set of 78 cards generally. There are some other kind of decks also which are new and improved versions of the classic deck with more or less number of cards in them. Many tarot readers have started designing their own decks as per their convenience that are mostly based on the same principle but may have different names in major & minor arcana.

Apart from this, there are also oracle cards. These are very similar to Tarot cards but they are used for a different kind of guidance.

In a classic deck of 78 cards, there are 2 major categories – Major Arcana (22  cards) & Minor Arcana (54 cards). It is also denoted as Yin & Yang energies together.

Major Arcana as the name indicates focuses on major aspects of life whereas Minor arcana focus on day to day or minor aspects of life. It is a life packed in the set of 78 cards. It has all the characters we play in life and are really a good source of guidance for anyone in need.

Psychics often says that Tarot is supernatural and it lets them connect with their higher consciousness to get the answers for you. It is no magic but a pure divination method which runs on utmost faith. The cards may have different meanings for different psychics but the core/base meaning remains the same of course.

Need Tarot guidance urgently? Insight and answers are just 4 steps away!

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How are fortune teller readings conducted?

It is a myth that Tarot readers are only the ones who wear big robes, glittery fancy big jewelry, have big deep eyes with loads of kohl and anything that can scare in 1st look.

This is not the case, A real Tarot reader is also a human like all of us. How they conduct the reading can be up to them but generally they

  • Wear loud makeup (not all but some psychics)
  • Will pray or meditate before every reading
  • Ask you to tell you about yourself and the question you want to ask
  • Pull out cards – it depends on their personal technique how many cards they will ask you to pull for the reading. Generally, it starts from 2 cards and goes up to 13 cards.
  • They will interpret these cards for you

What will a fortune teller reading tell me?

A tarot reading will tell you answers for all your questions in mind. YES!! It has the potential to take a deep dive into your situations and tell you what the real picture of your life looks like.

For those who are not aware, Tarot not only tells your future but also tells you about your past events. It is really amazing how they fetch details from your past and interpret it for you along with your present and future consequences. They are actually a type of psychic reading, where cards are used instead of other tools such as crystals.

By reading your cards, The reader will tell you about
  1. The overall journey of your life like your past events especially if something has happened in the recent past, present situation & upcoming future events.
  2. The opportunities that will help you grow – either by your own decision or with the help of someone,
  3. To enhance your luck
  4. The challenges you would face in your life,
  5. Your overall personality & how you are as a person,
  6. How do you deal with people and how they deal with you
  7. With the help of different Tarot spreads, they will be able to answer all your questions

How can I guarantee an accurate fortune telling reading online?

There are many tarot reading sites that claim to give you accurate readings. Some of these websites even have a kind of mechanism to pick up cards and then it interprets for you. If you think they are all genuine then let me tell you they are not! They are all a scam to pick customer data so one should be really careful with these.

An accurate Tarot reading can only happen if

  • You chat with them face to face
  • You give them a call
  • You drop them an email

Apart from this, no other ways are legitimate.

In this post, we have highlighted some of the best websites offering accurate Tarot readings at affordable prices. We have reviewed each one of them and highlighted some of the good and not-so-good features of these websites so that it is easier for you to make up your mind and go easy with your hard earned money!

What are the type of questions you can ask in Fortune Telling Readings?

Tarot readings can be of many types. Since most of the readings are by call or by email, it is good for you to know that a reader can customize your readings on the basis of your questions. Now the real part where we normally get stuck is, what to ask the Tarot reader or what type of questions they take as valid. The detailed Question guideline is here. Here are some tips:

Do's & Don'ts

Do ask open-ended questions like

  • How can I improve my career?
  • How should I keep a good relationship with my girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What can I do to make more money?

Don’t put a negative question like

  • Will this person say yes to my marriage proposal?
  • Is my spouse cheating on me?
  • Will I be sued even if I have not done anything wrong?
  • Is this person jealous of my success?

Now you know the do’s and don’t of asking the questions in a Tarot card reading. Check out these general questions for specific areas of your life which you can ask during your session or modified as per your situation/thoughts:

General questions to be asked:

  • What is my current situation look like and the potential future?
  • What are my greatest strengths or weaknesses?
  • What is coming in my way of becoming successful in life?
  • What is the biggest influence on my life right now?
  • What should I do to overcome my present situation/challenges? 

Love Tarot Card Questions

  • Is he/she the one for me?
  • How does my future look with my current partner?
  • What can I do to strengthen the relationship between me and my partner?
  • How can I best overcome the current issues in my relationship?
  • What connects us in this relationship?

Work / Career Tarot Card Questions

  • How does the career look for me in future?
  • What career or line of work is the most suitable for me?
  • What blocks me from achieving my full potential?
  • Can I make a career change this year?
  • What are my future prospects with this new/current organization?
  • What actions can I take right now that will help me further my career?
  • How can I have better relations with my boss at the workplace?

Finances Tarot Card Questions

  • How do finances look for me in the near future?
  • How can I improve my finances?
  • What are the sources I can explore to improve my finances? 

These questions can be combined to any spread which your Tarot Reading psychic will use to make a reading for you!

Best Accurate Fortune Telling Reading Sites Online 2019

Most of the websites provide Tarot readings online but they are definitely not helpful for the readers since most of them are automated and lack the personal touch of the reader. When one takes reading through a reader, it is bound to give more results than these automated ones.

We have listed out a few websites that provide true and genuine readings…

Kasamba is a platform that has been offering great readings for many years now. Founded in 1999, it has served more than 3 million customers by now and still growing. It specializes in all type of readings & has a huge list of services offered for its readers like – Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, psychic readings, dream analysis and what not! They also help people with adult sensitive issues that is why they ask you to be over 18 to get yourself registered and take the reading.

What is the special offer? For new customers, they offer the first 3 minutes free. Apart from this they also run a half price per minute special deals combined with these free 3 minutes which makes it super cheap so that you can have more minutes of your reading in the same price.  You are given the option to quit the session, at any time, at your own free will.

Isn’t a great deal?

Keen is one of the fastest growing psychic websites with many divination experts.It gives you a platform to express your sensitive issues and bring positive vibes in your life by their years of expertise & guidance. They value your privacy and assure you that all your personal data will not be shared on any other website/platform.

Having said that, it also allows its customers to leave feedback for the psychic reader as anonymous so that they can know how was the reading as per the reader and what all they need to improve / What all was good about the reading etc. They have got you covered folks.

The deal they are giving is first 3 minutes free and then the per minute charges that the psychic is offering. To make the best use of this offer, you can choose the psychic you are most drawn to or the one that suits your budget. It’s simple!


Though it is a Poland based psychic site which has a unique divination method and that is why they are spreading their networks fast. They also offer readings in multiple languages because it has many psychics from different communities. If you talk about the number of psychics it has then the number is huge i.e. 250 psychics & growing really fast because they offer the best customer service and don’t want their customers to wait.

They offer Live webcam readings or live web chat if you are not comfortable with webcam or don’t have one. It gives you great deals on joining their website including a free 3-minute reading which can be a really good experience for you. Go on the website & check the deal now!

Beacon Truth 

You may have started seeing this name everywhere these days because they are a new big network of psychics. They have hit the market with their new ideas, schemes and best-talented psychics that is why they could stand in this top 5 review list of ours. We personally feel that there is something about this group that is the most appealing to the customers.

Maybe the kind of psychics they have or Maybe the deals that they are giving. You need to explore here. One thing is assured that you get the best deals if you are seeking real guidance. A sneak peek for you – They give you the first 3 minutes free.

Psychic Source is one of the best and old websites in fortune telling. They have been giving readings for almost 30 years now. It has an inbuilt feature on a website that allows you to choose your psychic and speak to them by any mode- Call, Chat, Video call, etc. If you are a person that likes to customize their packages then you really need to explore this. You can never go wrong with this one. Their client satisfaction is good for the service they are offering. They have a variety of deals and number of psychics to choose from.

Ever heard of a reading as low s $1/min? What? Not possible? IT IS POSSIBLE! with this website, most of the psychics give $1 per minute readings but after First 3 minutes free! Great deal!

How much does a Tarot reading cost?

So now you have decided to go for a Tarot Reading, but how much it costs? Usually, before going for a Tarot Reading or any psychic reading for that matter we would like to know their cost structure, but most websites are not transparent in their operations. Few websites collect your data and then ask you for different cost structure, but not with our reviewed websites. We are giving you here the price structure of these websites.

Price structure of Tarot reading
Website Offers
Kasamba First 3 Mins. Free / Then $1.99 per Min.
Keen First 3 Mins. Free / Then $1.99 Per Min
Oranum Free Chat / Then Pricing Varies
Beacon Truth First 3 Mins. Free/ Then Pricing Varies
Psychic Source 10 Mins. for $10 / +3 Free Mins.

Can I get a FREE Tarot reading?

If you’re going for a Tarot Reading for the very first time, it is always good to get a FREE tarot reading for 2020 with a legitimate provider first to understand what it holds for us. The fake websites on the internet claiming to give ‘free‘ Tarot Readings are nothing but software based feeds which are not specific, but with the reviewed websites, the Free Readings are also very specific, to enable you to know their experience of guidance.

Which website gives FREE Tarot Readings?


Free Readings







Beacon Truth


Psychic Source


What are the mode of contact: phone, email, SMS & text?

Not everyone is comfortable with just online or email consultations and may wish to go for Telephonic or Video Chat options. Here we review various options of contact available with our reviewed websites.

Mode of contact for recommended websites



Kasamba Chat & phone
Keen Chat & phone
Oranum Video Call
Beacon Truth Chat & phone
Psychic Source Phone, chat or video chat.

Pros and Cons of Tarot readings:


  • These readings help in knowing your real situations.
  • It gives you a direction for life.
  • They are quick. It hardly takes a minute to pull up the card and interpret.
  • They are perfect for Love, Career, Financial & other important decisions of life.
  • There are many decks available to choose from
  • It is easy to find a tarot reader online
  • You can ask simple and complicated both type of questions.


  • The cards do not have any foolproof meanings for all aspects of life. The reader will use their own knowledge to interpret them for you.
  • There is no guarantee that the one who has the Tarot cards, knows the true meanings of the cards.
  • Same cards can have different meanings for different Tarot readers.
  • The truth about most tarot card readings is that it depends on the interpreter as to how they present it. The same card has a different meaning for different people so it is difficult to know which one is genuine and which is not.

The ultimate decision is yours. We know it is difficult to choose from this variety of services but we assure you of the best experience.

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